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"The first step to getting anywhere is deciding that you are no longer willing to stay where you are."


It all begins with Empowerment.

With our effective solutions, your growth is guaranteed!

Helping you achieve your dreams.


The Empowerment Association is a reputable nonprofit 501 C 3 organization, committed to empowering you by exploring your hidden potential. We believe that there is a better way to improve your overall wellbeing. A comprehensive, effective way where you are valued rather than disregarded.


We are passionate about it, and our primary goal is to give you the peace of mind you truly deserve.


At The Empowerment Association, we not only nurture your mental and physical wellbeing, but by teaching useful skills, we also ensure that you can excel in your career and sustain a sound livelihood. Our primary objective is to help you make better choices in life, and we can go all out to achieve that!

Our Focus

Social Determinants of Health

  • Health and Healthcare

  • Education

  • Employment

  • Housing

  • Supportive Services

8 Dimensions of Wellness

  • Emotional

  • Physical

  • Social

  • Spiritual

  • Financial

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